Endless To-Go Food Combinations

Your consumers are constantly on the move. Provide them with unique food combinations ready for takeout or grab-and-go. Fresh, convenient, and ready to go.

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Delivering Performance

Food travels well and looks great when it arrives. Choose from our easy-fit Cup Inserts, Lids and Cups.

Flexibility That Fits

One Cup Insert fits multiple Cup and Lid sizes - available in PET and PLA.

Expand Fresh Options

Fresh food pairings were never more fun to create and sell.

Creativity That Sells

Give your customers a world of exciting food combinations - perfectly packaged to go.


Mini bagels and cream cheese
Fresh fruit and dip
Yogurt parfait and granola
Overnight oats and dried fruit/nuts


Apples with cheese chunks
Celery and peanut butter
Pretzels and mustard
Chips and salsa


Chicken salad and crackers
Leafy greens and salad dressing
Pita chips and hummus
Cold noodle salad and grape tomatoes

Sweet Treats

Energy bites and fresh fruit
Pudding and crushed cookies
Graham cracker sticks and dip
Donut holes and powdered sugar

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