Get creative with endless combinations

Stylish, convenient, and ready to go anywhere, our Cups and Containers provide maximum flexibility for grab-and-go.

Show Your Stuff

Offer a world of unique and exciting food combinations—perfectly packaged to go.

Cups, Inserts, and Lids
Deli Containers
On-The-Go Boxes
Dessert Containers

Go Ahead, Get Creative.

Combine one of our Cups with Inserts and Lids and presto—you’ve got everything you need to offer endless choices to your grab-and-go customers. From yogurt and granola to churros and caramel, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Easy-to-See Benefits.

Our Cups, Inserts, and Lids are clear and stylish to show off your food, with recyclable* and commercially compostable** options. Multiple Inserts and Lids are available for Greenware® PLA Cups, Kal-Clear PET Cups, and Nexclear Polypropylene Cups.
*Recycleware Containers are recyclable in the communities that accept these products.

Maximum Shelf Appeal!

Enhance product presentation and optimize shelf space with durable, stackable Recycleware® Deli Containers. Available square or round, in multiple sizes with leak-resistant Lids, our Deli Containers perfectly display your products on the retail shelf.

The Perfect Container for You.

Crystal-clear Recycleware® Round and Square Containers and Lids contain a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic for a reduced environmental impact.

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Room for Squares.

On-The-Go Boxes are durable square containers that are ideal for fresh food presentations and grab-and-go snacks. Crystal-clear and stackable, they’re perfect for creating and displaying a world of creative meal and snack combinations.

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Environmentally Responsible

Recycleware On-The-Go Boxes are made from a minimum of 50% PCR PET plastic. And Greenware On-The-Go Boxes are plant-based and commercially compostable**. We have the good-for-the-planet solutions your customers want!
*Recycleware Containers are recyclable in the communities that accept these products.

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Sweet Presentation!

Nothing looks more delicious than the perfect dessert, perfectly displayed. You bring the treat—and we’ll provide crystal-clear Recycleware Dessert Containers that are uniquely designed to enhance the presentation of desserts and confections.

Versatile. Recyclable.

Match Recycleware Dessert Containers with a variety of flat or domed Lids for display, stacking, or storage. Whatever you choose, they’re made with a minimum of 20% PCR PET plastic, reducing the use of virgin raw materials and landfill waste.

Performance Delivered

Use our Cups, Inserts, and Lids to help food travel well—and taste even better—when it arrives. Fabri-Kal was made for fresh food.

Creativity That Sells

Tempt consumers with fresh combinations. With a wide variety of packaging sizes and options, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild.

Clearly Superior

Enhance product presentation, optimize shelf space, and cut down on storage with our durable, stackable Containers and Lids.

Ready To Go?

Grab-and-go is more popular than ever—and we’re ready to help you grab your share. To get started, download a product flyer or contact us directly by filling out the form to the right.

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