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Greenware® is our line of annually renewable drink cups and containers made entirely from plants – not petroleum.

Grow with Greenware

Show customers you're doing the
right thing with Greenware.

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of materials discarded in municipal waste streams
were from paper and plastic foodservice packaging in 2013.

Source: Foodservice Packaging Institute

of consumers say it is
important for restaurants to
use environmentally-friendly disposable packaging.

Source: Technomic Foodservice Disposable Packaging 2018

of global agricultural area
is used for growing feedstock
for bioplastics.

Source: European Bioplastics

of operators moved away from foam in the last two years.

Source: Technomic Foodservice Disposable Packaging 2018


With the new Greenware stock print, your customers will know to properly dispose of Greenware Cups and Portion Cups in commercial composting facilities, which may not be available in your area.

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Cups, Inserts & On-The-Go

Grow With Greenware

Show customers you're doing the right thing with Greenware. Made entirely from plants, Greenware products have everything you and your customers need. 

Beautiful. Versatile. Sustainable.


Greenware products are entirely made from plants. No petroleum. 


Enjoy everything you can get in a traditional plastic package with a reduced environmental impact.


Greenware cups, lids, portion cups and on-the-go boxes are BPI certified to be 100% compostable in industrial facilities, which may not be available in your area. Not suitable for backyard composting.


Our PLA products are made from a resin derived from annually-renewable plants. 

Made In The U.S.A.

Not only are you working hard for the environment, but you're also supporting the local economy with our U.S.-based manufacturing facilities.


Showcase your brand with our printing and embossing services. Create compelling, customized packaging-made for you.

Fiber Blend Hinged Containers

Strong. Sustainable.

Sturdy, durable and all natural, Greenware Fiber Blend Hinged Containers are made with a blend of fiber and are perfect for your takeout needs.

Greenware Containers are crafted with care in the USA. Feel good, knowing you're supporting USA farming and manufacturing

Our containers are freezer safe, microwaveable and suitable for uses up to 300F.

Naturally strong and durable, our containers hold up to wet, heavy foods. Our waffle board bottom helps keep food fresh.

Your Single, Sustainable Solution

Greenware products are made from plant sources that are domestically grown and annually renewable. That is a difference that resonates with consumers.

No Greenwashing Here

There's a lot of misinformation today on the subject of green packaging.
At Fabri-Kal, we're committed to providing you with the most accurate
and complete information available. On materials, disposal practices,
packaging products and technologies.

That's our No Greenwashing Pledge.
And it applies to everything we do. Every day.

Our Sustainability Promise

Find your next responsible packaging solution now. 

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