Show customers you’re making a difference.

Greenware® is our exclusive line of annually renewable drink cups, lids, portion containers and on-the-go boxes, made entirely from plants – not petroleum. That’s a difference consumers care about and look for.

Enhance your brand with a 90% consumer appeal rating.*

Research confirms that consumers care about green packaging. Of foodservice consumers surveyed:

  • 88% would be interested in using Greenware® in a foodservice establishment.
  • 84% would view a foodservice establishment more positively if it offered Greenware®.
  • 50% of patrons would visit a foodservice establishment more frequently if Greenware® was used there.

BPI certified to be 100% compostable in actively managed municipal or industrial facilities, which may not be available in your area. Not suitable for backyard composting. Click here for help finding a composting facility.**

Show customers you care with Greenware® stock print.

Send a clear message to your customers with the Greenware® stock print option. Or have Greenware® cups custom-printed with your logo and message. Either way, Greenware® will be a powerful asset for your business.

No Greenwashing Here
There’s a lot of misinformation today on the subject of green packaging. At Fabri-Kal, we’re committed to providing you with the most accurate and complete information available. On materials, disposal practices, packaging products and technologies. That’s our No Greenwashing Pledge. And it applies to everything we do.
Every day.

For frequently asked questions about Greenware®, click here.

Click for details on Greenware® On-The-Go BoxesGreenware® Cold Drink Cups and Lids and Greenware® Portion Cups and Lids.


* Consumer Research Source: Proprietary Study Conducted April 2009.
** We are providing a link to this website as an information resource. We cannot verify the accuracy of these listings, nor can we verify that all composters listed on this site will accept Greenware products. Please check with composters in your area to see if Greenware products will be accepted.

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