To know Greenware® is to love what it does. For everyone.

Greenware® is our exclusive line of annually renewable cold drink cups, lids and portion containers, made entirely from plants — not petroleum. As with many forms of green packaging, there are plenty of questions. We’re committed to providing the facts. About Greenware® and all our products. We call this commitment our “No Greenwashing Pledge.” And it’s one more thing you can count on from Fabri-Kal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does “annually renewable” mean?
A: The term refers to products that are made from resources that can be replenished naturally within one year.

Q: What is “PLA”?
A: “PLA” stands for polylactic acid, or Polylactide, a versatile polymer produced by NatureWorks LLC. Ingeo™ biopolymer is NatureWorks’ branded PLA. PLA is made from lactic acid. Lactic acid is made from dextrose by fermentation. Dextrose is made from starch, and starch is produced from plant sources, such as corn.
Ingeo™ is clear and strong like petroleum-based plastic, yet Ingeo™ biopolymer can be commercially composted.

Q: Can PLA-based products like Greenware® be composted in my backyard or home composter?
A: Due to the variability in conditions, we do not recommend Greenware® products for use in home composting.
Greenware® products are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) to meet international standard ASTM 6400 for compostability in industrial compost facilities, which carefully regulate temperature, moisture and turning. Correctly done at 150ºF and 90% relative humidity, products will completely compost in approximately 50 days. (Click here for our compost facility locator.)

Q: Do Greenware® products biodegrade when discarded in a landfill?
A: No. Greenware® products are not intended to immediately degrade in landfills. Properly managed landfills are sealed, ensuring that no products placed inside will degrade or break down.

Q: Do the plant sources used to make products like Greenware® detract from the world’s food supply?
A: No. PLA production utilizes dextrose as the base feedstock used in a fermentation process (much like beer or wine) that converts sugar to lactic acid. That lactic acid is then used to create a polymer, which is later converted to Greenware® products. This dextrose is currently made from No. 2 yellow dent field corn grown within a 300-mile radius of NatureWorks’ Blair, Nebraska facility. When at capacity, NatureWorks LLC will use less than ½ of 1 percent of the available U.S. corn crop to make PLA.

Q: Are PLA-based products recyclable?
A: Most U.S.-based recyclers do not currently recycle PLA-based products.

Q: Greenware® cups are marked with the resin identification code 7. Does this mean that Greenware® cups contain BPA?
A: No. Greenware® cups are made with PLA. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is not used, directly or indirectly, in the manufacture of any Fabri-Kal products, including PLA-based products.

Q: Do Greenware® products have special usage or storage requirements?
A: Yes. Greenware® products should be shipped, stored and used under 105°F. Greenware® products should also be used and stored out of direct sunlight.

Q: Are Greenware® products safe?
A: Yes. All Greenware® products are compliant with FDA standards for food contact and food safety. No heavy metals are used in the manufacturing of Ingeo™ biopolymer or Greenware® products, and Greenware® products readily pass all ASTM and EN heavy metal product safety standards.