The right solution is always in stock at Fabri-Kal.

Stock products. Selecting the right plastic containers, plastic cups or green packaging option can be a refreshing experience when you have the experts on your side. Our experts work with you to identify the design and materials attributes that are most important to you. From clear PET drinking cups, to durable polystyrene (PS) portion cups, to our 100% plant-based Greenware® line, your Fabri-Kal team will steer you to the “best of the best” stock packaging solution.

Drink Cups

  • Greenware® Cups

  • Kal-Clear® PET Cups

  • Nexclear® Polypropylene Cups

  • RK Cups

  • Kids Cups


  • TruWare Square Containers

  • Alur On-The-Go Boxes

  • SideKicks™ Round Containers

  • Greenware® Portion Cups

  • Greenware® On-The-Go Boxes

  • Portion Cups

  • Indulge™ Dessert Containers

  • Alūr™ Round Containers

  • Pro-Kal® Deli Containers

  • Clear Food Containers

  • Kal-Tainer


  • PET Square Containers

  • Juice Cups