Customized to work for your business.

Some of the world’s most loved brands trust their custom packaging needs to Fabri-Kal. We have a unique way of creating innovative packaging concepts and making sure they perform in the real world. Your Fabri-Kal team will engage you in a highly interactive process we call the FK Experience™. You’ll join us in our trusted space to collaborate, innovate, analyze and discover the next evolution of your packaging. The very experts who’ve made us the product packaging leader will guide you every step of the way, from ideas to commercialization.
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Once we’ve identified your concept…

  • We use functionality testing and thermoforming simulations to accurately predict the effectiveness of a design before it’s produced.
  • Quick prototype development means that you’ll have a 3-D concept to share with your team early in the game.
  • We are able to produce short product runs for test markets—a smart way to secure your product’s success before it hits shelves nationwide.

Being quick to market is an important advantage. And our
rapid development process and small- or large-volume
production options can put your new package in the fast lane.