Fabri-Kal Launches Retail Greenware Packs

June 15, 2006

Greenware cold drink cups, made from a 100% natural corn-based material and fully compostable, are now available from Fabri-Kal in retail packs. The retail bags are available in two configurations, 20 and 50 count packs. The twenty count pack holds 1 stack of twenty 16 ounce clear cups. The fifty count pack contains 2 stacks of twenty-five 16 ounce clear cups. The retail bags are printed to instantly convey the natural based material message and its compost-ability feature.

Fabri-Kal was the first North American company to manufacture a disposable drink cup in the NatureWorks™ PLA resin. Since that introduction two years ago Fabri-Kal has continually expanded its Greenware line which now includes 7 cup sizes ranging from 7 to 24 ounces with matching “X-slot” lids. Greenware is now poised to be the first ecologically friendly plastic disposable retail cold drink cup.

“We believe that consumers, given an option between buying current drink cups made from petroleum or a naturally-based, compostable material, will choose to make the environmentally conscience choice” stated John Kittredge, Assistant to the President. “Greenware cups make it easy for anyone concerned about the environment to get involved immediately.”

Greenware cups were also recently certified by the Biodegradable Plastics Institute (BPI) to meet their stringent compostable specifications. In the ideal commercial composting conditions of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and 95 percent humidity, the cups will completely break down within approximately 50 days. Greenware cups are for use with cold drinks only and must be stored below 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Additional information about the BPI may be found at www.bpiworld.org.

Fabri-Kal Corporation was founded in 1950 in Kalamazoo, MI. Today, Fabri-Kal is the sixth largest thermoformer in North America with more than 800 dedicated employees and three manufacturing facilities. Fabri-Kal is one of the nation’s largest thermoformers for food packaging. Further information about Fabri-Kal may be found on their website, www.f-k.com.